Do you need a retreat, conference, or special event speaker?

Ellen Krahn has over 19 years of interdenominational preaching/teaching experience and has spoken at dozens of events. Men and women of all ages have received spiritual, emotional, and physical healing through Ellen’s teaching and prayer ministry.

Weekend Retreats

The following series include 3-4 sessions suitable for a full weekend retreat. More condensed presentations on the same topics are available for single events.

Grace Series

This powerful series on grace will help the audience identify God’s amazing grace at work in their own lives. Ellen will share short testimonials of the power of God’s grace in my own spiritual journey over the past 46 years.

  1. Reinstated by Graceto relationship with God
  2. Transformed by Gracein all of life’s circumstances
  3. Healed by Gracein times of failure
  4. Abandoned to Gracethrough complete surrender

Prayer Series

Some of the toughest questions asked today about prayer are: Why pray when we serve a sovereign God? Does prayer work? Does prayer make a difference in my life? Through this series, men and women will learn to understand the purpose, power, and practice of prayer.

  1. Understanding the purpose of prayer
  2. Understanding the power of prayer
  3. How to become a person of prayer
  4. Practical steps to practicing prayer

I also offer a monthly one-day prayer retreat for women. See my calendar for details.

Experiencing God Series

  1. God Still Moves Stones (a place of resurrection life) Mark 16:1-4
    Experience freedom from the “stones” of rejection, fear, feelings of failure, doubts, loss, broken dreams, and despair.
  2. The Kerith Ravine (a place of seclusion) I Kings 17:1-7
    Discover a deep intimacy with God through a time away from busy schedules and all the demands that rob of us of a deeper relationship with God.
  3. Redesigned With Purpose (a place of transformation) Jeremiah 18:1-6
    Explore a renewed sense of value, direction and purpose for your life.
  4. A Seat at the Table (a place of intimacy) John 21:9-13, Psalms 23: 5
    Encounter a place of deep intimacy with the Father; a place of total provision for all experiences in life.

Single Presentations

  1. How to Have a Personal Prayer Retreat
    This session will give individuals the tools to begin their own personal prayer retreat and learn how to stay with God in prayer for extended periods of time.
  2. From Brokenness to Purpose
    Healing from the past and hope for the future “…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair…” (Isaiah 61:3).
  3. Living a Life of Surrender – Based on the life of Abraham
    Explore again the challenging but beautiful, rich journey of surrender with God. Know again that God calls you His friend!

Contact Ellen about her availability for your event.

Ellen Krahn has been my friend, mentor and confidante for 24 years. She is a godly woman who has a desire to daily seek God’s will for her life. She is deeply devoted to a sincere prayer life and is a very passionate speaker challenging her audience to experience the grace of God personally. Ellen is also gifted in helping others to grow a deeper intimacy with God. Her keen insight allows her to give wise counsel to help individuals place things in proper perspective and to sense God’s direction.

Darlene Snider