Ellen is available to meet with you in person or by phone for coaching and mentoring. She has helped many individuals move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Ellen can help you take hold of the life that you were created for and to experience spiritual renewal and restoration.

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It has been amazing to have my mentor [Ellen Krahn] speak God’s truth into my life at exactly the moment when it was needed; not one moment too soon, and not one moment too late. This has allowed me to see God’s gracious hand at work in my life and has made my faith in God deepen. It’s also a huge encouragement to be able to share struggles with my mentor and have her pray with me and spur me on, helping me keep my focus on the Lord, and helping me to trust Him alone.

Carolyn Bearinger

Ellen is a woman with tremendous faith and courage. I experienced that first hand when I travelled with her to India, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. She was one of my mentors, training me how to effectively serve the poor in developing nations… Ellen is always encouraging others to press on, to reach their fullest potential in Christ and become all they are called to be. She is one of my most inspiring friends.

Karen Barkman , Executive Director, Provision of Hope Liberia, Inc.