Ellen Krahn has held various ministry positions in interdenominational settings over the past 40 years, including ten years as the Executive Director of Children’s Homes International. She holds a diploma in Bible/Missions, a Bachelor of Religious Education, and a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Care and Counselling. Ellen has 25 years of interdenominational preaching/teaching experience both in Canada and abroad. Currently, she serves on the board of Women Together.

Prayer ministry at the medical clinic

Prayer ministry at the medical clinic in Uganda 2017.

As she actively pursued a relationship with Jesus Christ through all of life’s experiences, Ellen has practiced the power of God’s “living” grace in her own life. Now she is engaged in full time ministry leading individuals in spiritual restoration, healing and renewal through God’s transforming power.

Ellen has a deep passion to see people set free so that they can embrace all that God has purposed for their lives. Ellen is available as an inspirational retreat speaker, mentor/coach, interdenominational preacher, intercessor, and seminar facilitator. Her spiritual gifts include exhortation, leadership, faith, and teaching/preaching. Ellen is a licensed minister with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

Ellen Krahn is a woman of integrity and honesty who has a tremendous passion for Jesus. I have known Ellen for twenty years. In that time, she has served in a variety of leadership positions. She has served as chair of her congregational board. She has served as the executive director of a Canadian agency caring for children internationally. She has also been the coordinator of international teams deployed through a denominational office, where her coordinating skills and attention to detail were very evident. She is passionate about serving the Lord Jesus and sharing with others out of that passion. Rev. Phil Delsaut, President, Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada